We provide an attractive and unique company profile creation service for PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika. Equipped with distinctive custom assets, the website was built with Vue JS and Laravel, applying the PWA concept to minimize load time and provide a no-reload experience, while ensuring the best SEO.

The system is designed with two separate parts: Interface or public area, and private area that serves as a CMS to organize content. With our experience and expertise, we help realize the project according to your expectations.



With a meticulous approach and focus on client satisfaction, the result is a company profile that is appealing, functional, and in line with the vision and mission of PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika. The success of this project is reflected in the positive response from users and a significant increase in online visibility.

  • Client
    PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika
  • Budget
    >IDR 50.000.000
  • Duration
    30 Days

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